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Charminar in Hyderabad is a monument synonymous with the city itself, the four spires rising in the sky seem to proclaim to the world of the rich heritage of this ancient city. The breathtaking structure, which is at the heart of the city will mesmerise you more as you come closer. The four storied minars are ornamented with ring formations in the shape of delicate flower petals. Since there are no official documents or inscriptions about Charminar, not much is known about the date of its foundation or the reason behind it. However, there are a number of theories abound.

An excellent example of Islamic architecture, the structure is made up of pulverized marbles, granites, mortar and limestone. There are 45 praying spaces but the best one is the rooftop mosque at the western end of the structure. As the sound of the city dwindles down, as serenity starts surrounding you, you will feel like heaven itself is blessing you. There are 149 winding steps that lead up to the rooftop. Take a break and stand on the balcony of the first floor and feast your eyes on the hustle and bustle of the busy Laad Bazaar down below.


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